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- Neil Kinney
Ocean Direct
Eliminate the pushy salesmen!
Xerox, Canon, Sharp, only push their specific line of products... Talk to Optech about your business needs. We can recommend multiple solutions, based on your specific needs and budget restraints.

We sell ALL makes and models.
Optech's loyalty is NOT dictated to any manufacturer's quotas, but by our customer's needs.

We are South Bay's ONLY "One-Stop-Shop" for all office equipment.
We can sell you ANY make, ANY model of Copier, Printer, or Fax; hand-deliver and set it up at your location. Be that the corporate office, the home office, the trailer on the construction site, or movie set. We can hand deliver or ship you ALL supplies. We can service you equipment onsite or bring it back to our nearest warehouse for a more in-depth analysis, while providing you a loaner machine to keep your business up and running.

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