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"We have had a relationshi

for more than 8 years and I just want to thank you for the awesome service you have

rovided us on our co

y machine! ...<

>You have been a delight to work with. We would recommend you highly to anyone and look forward to a long relationshi

. Thank you for the great service!"

- Greg Gunderson
Gentle Transitions
No Hourly Rates
Eliminate the quesswork. With our Flat Rate service, you'll know how much it's going to cost, when you call us.

Keep down-time to a minimum this year, by signing up for one of Optech's 'Customer-Specific' service contracts. Service contracts customized to your business' ever changing needs. ALL service includes 4 Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Onsite service calls. We come to your location, clean the interior of your equipment, lubricating where necessary and rejuvenating all rubber rollers.

We'll give it a complete check and service to keep it running smooth and problem-free. Don't wait until your Copier, Printer or Fax breaks down to have it serviced, call today!

We can handle ALL your equipment logistical needs. From international to inner-state, to right up the street, we can move your equipment safely, securely and cost effectively. Call our office today to get a quote.

We are an environmentally conscious and responsible leader in the South Bay. For a minimal charge, Optech can remove old equipment and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Call to schedule a pickup... it's been taking up space for way too long!

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